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What is my American Express Mobile User ID and Password?

Your American Express Mobile User ID and Password are the same as the login you use to access on the computer. If you do not have a User ID and Password or you have forgotten your User ID and Password, please visit from your computer.

Why am I having trouble entering my User ID and Password on American Express Mobile?

You may wish to turn predictive text (also referred to as T9) off during the text entry process. Predictive text software predicts what you want to type as you type. To turn it off, select an input method such as 'Abc', 'abc' or 'Insert Numbers'. To turn it on, select 'Auto Text, 'Predictive Text' or 'T9'. Please reference your phone's user manual for detailed instructions.

Is there a cost for using American Express Mobile?

American Express does not charge for American Express Mobile. However, you are responsible for charges associated with visiting websites or using data services on your phone. Using a mobile web browser may require a data plan. Please contact your network provider for specific pricing information for your data plan.

What is the "Remember My User ID" feature?

Checking the "Remember My User ID" box will securely store your User ID on your phone. You will still be required to enter your Password to access your accounts. To turn off this feature you must uncheck the box and log in. For your security, only your User ID will be saved.

Is American Express Mobile available in countries outside of the UK?

American Express Mobile is also available for US-based Cardmembers. If you have a US Card product, please visit from your mobile device.

Customer Service

For assistance with American Express Mobile or with your account call 0845 6042638
Outside the UK, call +44 1273 696933

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